Voiceless Children

Felix Masi is a renowned documentary photojournalist and humanitarian, combining a wealth of experience in documenting humanitarian images on camera with a very personal background of lose and poverty. Born and raised in Kisumu, Western Kenya to a single mother, Felix and his siblings were orphaned at an early age, and left in the care of foster parents. After his maternal grandmother discovered the terrible conditions within which the children lived, she took action and had Felix and his siblings removed from the home and put in the care of his eldest sister and relatives.

Felix’s Photojournalism career is born out of life passion for photography. He was exposed to the cameras early by his mother, an avid photographer, frequently documented her children’s early years until death when Felix was only eight years old. After being rescued by his grandmother, Felix was among fortunate children in Kenya to enjoy a high school education. Upon graduation, Felix launched his career as a photojournalist in his first job at The standard, a leading local newspaper in Kenya.

In 1996, Felix’s brother, Dennis passed away after a battle with HIV/AIDS. This event, combined with his own personal experience and a life of witnessing Africa’s struggle with the pandemic, inspired Felix to resign from his newspaper position and begin working as an independent photo-journalist focused on humanitarian crises. In 2005, with a vision to help the women and children of his village create a path to a better future, Felix founded Voiceless Children, an organization that provides school fees for children as well as resources that help grandmothers care for their dependents. The same year, Felix was selected to participate in the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program. Following this opportunity to further hone his expertise, Felix returned to Kenya, inspired to give voice to the millions of orphaned children, widows and grandmothers impacted by HIV/AIDS. The fulfillment of that vision was the film, A Grandmother’s Tribe.

Today Felix continues to work as a freelance photo-journalist “any place where a story needs to be told”. Alumni of a Visiting Program in Leadership and recipient of multiple prestigious awards, Felix continue his craft to elevate an understanding of humanitarian and social issues around the world.

Voiceless Children exists to give support to young people and their caregivers so that their struggle to survive becomes a struggle to be even better than they ever dreamed they could be fast.  Join us                http://www.voiceless-children.org/

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  1. gideon odhiambo Says:

    bless you brother from the act of love

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